About Design Sprint NZ

Like the look of the method?
Here’s who’ll be leading your workshops.

Jon Dunning – Principal, Design Sprints NZ

Jon is an Auckland-based design facilitator, trainer and writer who excels in personal and operational leadership, service design, design thinking and design sprint activities.

With his distinctive blend of energy, experience, social responsibility and expertise, Jon has successfully led high performing teams in Europe, the US and New Zealand. He is experienced in customer operations, resolving problems and transforming organisations.

Jon is a Design Sprint Master, certified by sprint creator, Jake Knapp, and the award-winning agency design and sprint exponents, AJ&Smart. He also trained with Coach Inc. before becoming a member of the International Coach Federation. Drawing on his training and hands-on experience, Jon equips leaders and their teams with the skills and confidence they need to design and implement creative, people-centred, and authentic services, policies and products.

As a delivery partner, Jon works with a number of organisations. These include NZ Facilitators, The Institute of Management New Zealand, Mantle and The Icehouse.

Jon surrounds himself with intelligent and creative people who can support and work with clients as required.